Are You in Serious Financial Debt?

For many of us debt and credit helps to fund the lifestyle that we choose for ourselves and our family. It enables us to buy the roof over our heads, our car – perhaps even send our children to university. However when you build up too much debt you can be facing a very serious situation.

Tell-tale Signs That You Need Debt Assistance

Often it is difficult to know if your debts are spiralling out of control. Below are some of the signs that you debts are running out of control and that you need to stop, regain control and perhaps seek debt help.

  • Your savings are non-existent.
  • Every month you pay the minimum amount back on your credit cards yet you still continue to buy things using these credit cards.
  • Your credit cards are pretty much maxed out!
  • It is not unusual for you to pay bills beyond the due date (this includes your credit cards).
  • If you were asked how much debt you have, you would struggle to put a figure on it!
  • Your bank account is overdrawn.
  • You have at some point been refused credit.

Do You Bury Your Head in the Sand?

Possibly the hardest part of dealing with your financial debt is to face up to it. The temptation may be to bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away. But one thing is for sure – it won’t, in fact it will only get worse. Debt isn’t just about money that you owe, it has implications for your general health and wellbeing and it can be the cause of untold stress and anxiety.

There should be no shame and embarrassment in admitting you have a debt problem and the sooner you seek debt assistance and advice the sooner you can regain control and start managing your debt.

The single most important point to remember is that no debt is insurmountable – it won’t be easy but there is always a solution, and if you don’t feel that you can manage your debt on your own there are qualified people who can provide debt help free of charge.


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